Hello, My name is Chris

I'm a one hell of a UI/UX designer and coder!
And I'm not just saying that.

Since I was a little kid I've been designing on the computer. Today, I'm an professional User Interface and User Experience Designer and Web Development and Mobile App Developer, with 14 years experience building and designing applications for startup and public companies.

Overstock.com - 2002 to 2005


At the age of 18, I started my career as a designer at Overstock.com now known as O.co, which at the time was only a 100 person company. I was second in command of all design work. I was responsible for designing email marketing newsletters, website graphics, UI/UX for website, and even some print designs (my work was featured in New York Times, Woman's Health Magazine, Home Decor Magazine). While at Ostk I started learning from the best on how to write code and develop websites. I also found an interest in finance and accounting, as well as learning how to build an internet business. Which lead me to want to continue my education at Santa Clara University.

Santa Clara University - 2005 to 2009

Einstein Quote

While in college, to help me pay for school and bills, I started my own consulting/contracting company Red Horn Design. Over the four years, I designed and built all types of websites for clients all around Silicon Valley - all while attending class, getting homework done, and I even studied aboard in Beijing, China (yes, I learned some Chinese - 你好朋友. 你会教我更多的中文吗?). Four years later, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and International Business with a minor in Accounting.

Epocrates - 2009 to 2010


When I graduated in 2009, it wasn’t the best time for any new graduate coming out of college. But after while in college I realized I had a unique gift at designing and developing, and instead of pursuing a career in finance in the stock market, I knew my calling was in tech. And with mobile quickly rising as the new hot platform to build applications on, a medical app startup Epocrates found me and offered a position to design their mobile application and redesign their website. Then soon after joining the company, they announced they were going public.

Start Ups in Silicon Valley & San Francisco - 2010 to 2013

Silicon Valley

The startup world is interesting. So many begin, have huge aspirations, but then fizzel out. And even though you hear about so many getting bought up and acquired for millions, I guess I just never got lucky with the lotto, because none of the startups I helped seemed to get that magical ticket. Instead, most of them fizzeled and ran out of money. Sad, but I guess that’s the ugly truth and reality of Silicon Valley. So for these 3 years I moved from startup to startup. It was also during this time that website development started to slow, and the rise of mobile design came to play. For me, designing for mobile was easy, it just meant a smaller screens, just more screens.

I left my ❤ in San Francisco

San Francisco

Once I graduated, I started spending more time in the city of San Francisco. I quickly fell in love, and knew it was exactly where I needed to be. So I moved.

Once I was in the city, I quickly started meeting other startups, and realized I wanted to be back to my roots, and working with small a team, instead of a public corporate giant. So I decided to leave Epocrates, and started once more, doing contract and consulting work for SF startups.

Mobile, "The New Frontier"


Up to this point, the majority of my experience was in designing and developing websites. But with the rise and growth of the iPhone, clients and customers were quickly shifting to the smaller form factor. Immediately, clients started asking for responsive web design and development. This meant learning how to design and code websites that can work on both a large screen and a mobile phone. At the time, I was proficient in html, css, javascript, php, and sql. So designing and coding for the mobile phone, was just a matter of writing code in a specific way that would stretch and scale to size - which was easy for me. This was good work for a while. However soon, a website on a phone just wasn't good enough, because a website on mobile is just too slow and misses a lot of the key features of native applications. Clients now wanted a native mobile app as well as to sell the app within the iTunes store. But at the time, I didn’t know how to do this. So I was, in a way, forced to find a job that I could do design, web development, and then hopefully learn how to code mobile applications.

OpenTable - 2013 to 2014

OpenTable Logo

OpenTable found me on AngelList and was interested in hiring me because they needed someone that could join the brand new design team, and could do both design and code (I was the perfect candidate). Until this point, OpenTable never had an actual design team. The website was still the same design that was created back in 2003. Fortunately OpenTable knew they needed a new look and a skilled design team to build it. And I was hired to help with the redesign of the website and to code it up. While at OT, I worked closely with the mobile and web engineering teams. NodeJS was on the rise, and it was a company decision to move away from the .Net framework and move everything to Node. I quickly fell in love, and immediately got to work learning all that I could. And to help me learn I build the first OpenTable prototype using NodeJS, Grunt, Sass CSS, MongoDB, and CoffeeScript. I also started diving into mobile application development.

Almost a year later, and the redesign and rebranding complete, I found myself once again at a point where I needed a challenge and to explore where my new learnings could take me.

Back To Client Work

Back to the future

It's 2015, and I’m back at again - doing contract work. But this time, I have an arsenal of capabilities.

Today I design all my apps using solely Sketch 3, and no longer Photoshop. Sketch is pretty much the new industry standard, and is great for designing and exporting files specifically for mobile and web applications. I also utilize InVision for all prototyping. InVision is a great tool to try out a design before it’s built, and to demo a design for a client, while on a mobile phone (a must have).

I am now building website applications in NodeJS, Mongo, Gulp, Grunt, Django, Express, Angular, Sass, Bootstrap, CoffeeScript, and a little in PHP & Rails. I’ve now picked up, and am pretty darn good at the new Apple’s Swift Language for developing iPhone apps (and it’s awesomeness).. and so not only am I designing mobile apps, I’m also developing them too!

So far business is better than good… it’s great! Clients range from new startups looking to have me build their first product, to large companies who are desperate for a good designer or engineer. And clients love that I am a one stop shop, who can do both design and development - especially for projects that need to be conceived from concept to application deployment.

Recent Projects

Just to name a few, here is a list of recent clients and projects.

  • Uber - Mobile Design
  • BritCo / Weduary - Web Development
  • Serenti Kitchen - Mobile Design
  • Virtual Squares - Mobile Design & iOS Swift Development
  • PunchTab - Web Design & Web Development
  • Vedadi - Web Design & Web Development
  • Fetch My Guest - Web Design & Web Development
  • Playlist.com - Design & Web Development
  • Aprvl - Design & Web Development
  • Plans With Me - Design & iOS Swift Development
  • Fibi - Mobile Design

For Hire

If you’re looking for a talented UI/UX designer or front/backend web developer, or an iOS Swift developer, or maybe all of the above, feel free to contact me, and I’d be happy to help!

~ Thanks for visiting!